Intermediate and advanced students work on individual projects developed through their own self guided interests.  Student’s conceptual focus will be encouraged and enhanced through weekly readings, class discussion, contemporary art lectures, and critiques. Emphasis is on the development of sculptural aesthetics, aesthetic language and appropriate technology. 


Course Requirements & OUTCOMES

3 credit course load entails 6 in-class hours and 6 studio production hours outside of class.  Students are expected to complete 3 sculptures, 1 assignment and 1 artist statement, and participate in class.  Each student will receive three individual studio visits throughout semester.  Please come prepared with sketches, tools and materials ready to work.  For final assessment, students must send jpeg documentation of all assigned projects in a zip file (2014_3000_last name) send by email to

Learning Goals 

  • Students will gain an understanding of sculptural discourse and art history through readings and lecture presentations.  Student comprehension is assessed through their use of aesthetic language and ability to incorporate theory and art history in class discussions and group critiques.

  • Students will learn formal principles of sculpture.  Aesthetic understanding is assessed through work that show formal consideration, material and conceptual unity, and spatial relationships.  Conceptual understanding of artistic strategies is assessed through student’s consideration of linguistics, cultural signification and context.

  • Students will gain public speaking skills and will be assessed through class critiques, class presentations and artist statements.



CLASS 1: INTRODUCTION to intermediate sculpture

Presentation of syllabus and course requirements.  Class reading, discussion on Plato’s Allegory of the Cave.  Group drawing exercise mapping the cave.

CLASS 2: false consciousness

Reading due on Louis Althusser’s Ideology and Ideological State Apparatuses.  Class discussion on what is a subject, how a subject is interpellated and ideology is structured in society.  Artists work presentation on ideology critique.


CLASS 3: on perversion & pop

Film screening of Slavoj Zizek’s Pervert’s Guide to Ideology.  Class discussion on the real, imaginary and the symbolic.  Artist work presentation on symbolic crisis.

CLASS 4: death of a subject

Readings due on Fredric Jameson’s essay, “Postmodernism and Consumer Society” from Anti-Aesthetic, 1983.  Class discussion on pastiche and schizophrenia.  Artist work presentation on original, copy and the multiple.

CLASS 5: first group critique

Discussion on four aspects of critique.  

CLASS 6: historical present

Reading due on Susan Buck Morss’ Mythic History: Fetish.  Class discussion Benjamin’s concept of Ur-forms and the difference between myth and history. Introduction to the Historical Present lecture presentation assignment:  students will give a 10min lecture presentation diagnosing the historical present using art, social forms of engagements and  visual evidence to support the framing/reification of human experience.


CLASS 7: Student presentations due

AM & PM BASESPACE: 6 studies and models due for critique.  Course progress reports due.

CLASS 8: Student presentations due

AM Slide lecture on the body structured by space and body structuring spaces. Assignment: students will explore project concept through performance, using their own body to create a direct experience on-site.

PM Work due for presentation.




Readings due for class discussion on Roland Barthes’ essay, “Studium and Punctum” from Camera Lucida.  Artist work presentation on research, art as document, and field study projects. 


CLASS 11: experience of the here and now

Readings due for class discussion on Rosalind Krauss’ Notes on the Index.  Artist work presentation on trace and evidence.

CLASS 12: the souvenir

Readings due for class discussion on Susan Stewart’s essay,  The Souvenir and the Collection.  Artist work presentation on artifacts and archives.


CLASS 13: on representation & the real

Reading due for class discussion: Hal Foster’s essay, Return of the Real.  Artists work presentation on literal materialism.  Writing workshop on artist statements.

CLASS 14: final group critique

Students will present their artist statement before class critique. NOTE: please bring in your computer for an in-class evaluation of the course. 

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