This course provides students with a semester-long concentration on a sculptural project of their own choosing. Students are encouraged to focus on a cohesive body of work unified by a material or conceptual framework. Multiple individual critiques will enhance their ability to identify, develop and clearly express their artistic intentions. Image and video presentations will expand students’ familiarity with a range of sculptural practices. Individual research methodologies are emphasized and structured to take advantage of the institution’s resources. Class discussion of contemporary sculpture and theory will underscore students understanding of the social articulation of meaning and help them to contextualize their work.  This course is  supplemented by the Sculpture Dialogues Visiting Artist Program. 


Course Requirements & OUTCOMES

3 credit course load entails 6 in-class hours and 6 studio production hours outside of class.  Students are expected to focus on a project through 8 explorations of their ideas, develop 1 final sculpture, write 1 artist statement and participate in class discussions.  Please come prepared with drafting paper, drawing and modeling tools and materials ready to work. 

Learning Goals 

  • Students will gain an understanding of sculptural discourse and art history through readings and lecture presentations.  Student comprehension is assessed through their use of aesthetic language and ability to incorporate theory and art history in class discussions and group critiques.

  • Students will learn formal principles of sculpture.  Aesthetic understanding is assessed through work that show formal consideration, material and conceptual unity, and spatial relationships.  Conceptual understanding of artistic strategies is assessed through student’s consideration of linguistics, cultural signification and context.

  • Students will gain public speaking skills and will be assessed through class critiques, class presentations and artist statements.



CLASS 1: INTRODUCTION TO Multi-level projects

AM Presentation of syllabus, course requirements & student introduction.  

PM Students will present 7-10 thumbnail prints (2”x3”) of their work for class review and portfolio analysis. 

NOTE: Bring your computer every week with pen and paper.    

CLASS 2: art object, piece & work

AM Students will present an 8-10min presentation of work based on inquiries and responses they received on their portfolio.

PM Slide lecture on artists projects, inquiries, pursuits and discipline.  Identify terms and discuss artistic motivation, intent and critique.  Students will prepare lecture on artistic influences from pop culture, movies, literature, and artists works.


CLASS 3: on promise & profession

AM Students will present an 8-10 min lecture presentation on influences and articulate aesthetic experience.  Class discussion on range of subjects, interest and the underlying theme & concept of their aesthetic proclivities. 

PM Selected reading from Daily Rituals: How Artists Work by Mason Currey.  Students will draft a daily schedule, work plan, and project description with images, sources material and process. 

CLASS 4: on preliminaries & projections

AM Students will present their proposal with description, plan and images.

PM Slide lecture on Bauhaus, Black Mountain College and Hippie Modernist studies, models and proposals with class discussion on process, experimentation and discovery.  Assignment on (im)possible conditions: real, ideal, and abstract forms of exploration.

CLASS 5: project practice: process & procedure 

AM Slide Lecture on process and duration. Assignment on conceptualizing material in time; explore idea in past, present and future forms of exploration.

PM Work day with individual advising.


CLASS 6: Proposal Due for group critique - 40min

AM & PM BASESPACE: 6 studies and models due for critique.


CLASS 7: Proposal Due for group critique - 40min

AM & PM BASESPACE: 6 studies and models due for critique.  Course progress reports due.

CLASS 8: site: body & theatricality

AM Slide lecture on the body structured by space and body structuring spaces. Assignment: students will explore project concept through performance, using their own body to create a direct experience on-site.

PM Work due for presentation.

CLASS 9: objectS: order in chaos

AM Slide lecture on descriptive systems of history, science, language, and design. Assignment: students will employ sculptural roles of historian, scientist, archivist, translator and engineer strategies to frame their project concept.

PM Work due for presentation.


CLASS 10: from prototypes to final work

AM Assignment: Students will select and develop one work.

PM Work day with individual advising on production, method and materials.


CLASS 11: project Practice: Process & production

AM & PM Workshop Day with individual student advising on production.



Artist Statement writing workshop.

CLASS 14: Artist statement Readings due

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