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In The Land of Real Shadows

September 21 - december 16, 2018


Raw/Cooked presents a year-long series of five exhibitions by under-the-radar Brooklyn artists. Thousands of artists are creating work in Brooklyn every day, affirming the borough as one of the world's creative capitals. To recognize emerging Brooklyn artists and provide a showcase for their work, the Brooklyn Museum, with support from Bloomberg, invited five artists to present their first major museum exhibitions. The artists were given the opportunity to work with the Museum's collection and to present in spaces of their choosing, however unconventional.

Solitude (2011).

1hr 36min. Documentary, Biography, Drama.

Starring: Lan Tuazon, Damien Bern, Hamed Taheri, and Martin Page.

Shot in 2009 and 2010 by Marcel Wehn (director), produced by Markus Simon, DOP Daniel Möller and Katha Eva Büh. Edited by Alex Murygin. Musik by: Matthew Gottschalk . TV channels: SWR Fernsehen and 3sat.


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Many Layers to Lan Tuazon's Bad Grass Never Dies at Youngworld

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