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Future Fossils: SUM

Exhibition at the Hyde Park Art Center Sept 7 - November 13. Featuriing new artworks by Sung Ho Bae, Rachel Kaching Tang, Ru Levy, Michelle Nordmeyer, Kate Poulos, Lan Tuazon and Anirudh Singh Shaktawat.

Every person living in America today will produce 109 tons of waste in their lifetime, an amount so inconceiv­able that it can only be imagined. Future Fossils: SUM exhibition aids in that imagination by confronting the viewer with the visual evidence of a portion of that amount. In her largest sculpture so far, Future Fossils: SUM, Lan Tuazon constructs a house-like installation to bring together the range of mass-produced containers we dispense of and connect it to the concept of containment, be it home or earth, Tuazon presents her sculptures alongside a curated selection of artists who use rematerialization techniques in their artistic process. Partners in this exhibition re two companies in sustainable design solutions, Biomason and WaterBrick, Int showcasing cutting edge innovations with Biolith, bacteria cultivated bricks and WaterBrick, container bricks that never enter the waste stream. Tuazon's own work is a test-site for material recovery to consider how much of the waste we produce can be reabsorbed into the built environment. Building future needs with materials that have a past is the intent, but minimizing harm to the living world begins with refusing a throw-away society. (Images provided by the Hyde Park Art Center, see final exhibition in person ).


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